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Doing It Our Way

Altracolor Systems has been providing the finest in cosmetic automotive paint repair and touch up to automobile dealers since 1988.  We decided to bring our services to the retail public back in 2001 and have been offering an alternative to the typical "body shop experience" since.   Our services offer high quality paint repair but on YOUR timetable, not the body shop's.  When we schedule your repair we promise that when you show up, we immediately start work on YOUR car.  We won't park it in the back "until we can get to it" like so many shops will.  
We use the highest quality materials and operate PPG mixing capability that allows to achieve an OEM paint match no matter if your car is a Mercedes, Hyundai, Ford, GM or any vehicle on the road today.
With over 30 years of experience, we do things the right way, every time.
Come see us.

auto repairman worker in automotive industry examining car body painting or repaint at aut
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