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Entrepreneurial Opportunities In the
Auto Paint Touch-up Industry

Altracolor Color System We are looking for entrepreneurs that want to be in business in the Auto Paint Touch-up Industry. If you have been looking for a way to invest in yourself, Altracolor may be the perfect opportunity for you. Our touch-up System is specialized to perform mobile auto paint touch-up, a critical need of Automobile Dealers, car wash facilities, oil change operations, auto mechanics and the retail public.

With Altracolor, the average material cost per touch up performed is about $1. That means you keep the vast majority of the money charged per touch up. With our user friendly system containing over 500 pre-mixed paints there is no time consuming mixing and matching.  Once you become familiar with the process, the average touch-up only takes about 30 minutes.

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When teaming with our company, you get a full-time R&D department that is constantly moving the system forward and staying on the cutting edge of today's automotive paint technology. We have developed several proprietary products that allow us to do the absolute best touch-up in the industry, and our low cost will save dealers thousands in reconditioning expenses, making Altracolor systems a must have.
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New and used car dealers all across the country have been using touch-up companies like Altracolor for years. It has been our experience that for every ten vehicles that come through the average used car operation, seven of them will need a touch-up. If your dealership sells 100 used vehicles a month, you'll have to replace 100 cars a month. That means approximately 70 cars on that dealership will need a touch-up. This system and partnership with our team, you can increase your ROI to an outstanding number, and it's almost immediate.


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